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Foot & Ankle Rehabilitation Australia

We are passionate about feet! We strive to provide you with the best quality health care to maximise the outcome for your problem. We treat every patient with respect and as an individual, analysing each situation and tailoring each patient’s treatment programme. We recognize that it’s just as important for some of our patients to conquer the walk to the corner shop, as it is for others to complete a 3 hour marathon.

Foot and Ankle Rehabilitation Australia has locations across Melbourne, Geelong and Hobart for your convenience, all with disabled access and convenient patient parking. We look forward to discussing your problem and treatment plan, and to providing you with exceptional quality rehabilitation.

Stuart Imer
Principal Practitioner

Foot and Ankle Physiotherapist

Virginia Centre for Advanced Orthopaedics

Stuart Imer was invited to the Falls Church VA office (just over the river from…

Stuart Imer takes the Aussie foot and ankle approach to Beijing

Our clinic director, Stuart Imer, was invited by our international partners AT Health in Beijing…

Former FAARA receptionist to compete at national US colleges’ cross country champs

Former FAARA receptionist and daughter of FAARA director Stuart Imer, Charlotte Imer, will compete this…

FAARA team support OneDay to Conquer Cancer

On 22 October, we had the privilege of treating hundreds of riders and walkers who…

New FAARA Physio Steven Ooi reflects on perspectives as a patient and physio

Post by Foot and Ankle Rehabilitation Australia physiotherapist and sub-elite hurdler Steven Ooi. It’s no…

Dane Swan’s career-ending foot and ankle injury

It was with much sadness this year that Swan’s career came to an early end after suffering a Lisfranc injury to the mid foot, along with an ankle…

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