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Tailored Care for Foot and Ankle Injuries

FAARA provide rehabilitation for foot and ankle acute injuries. Our comprehensive programs cater to a wide range of conditions, including Sprained Ankle, Weber A, B, and C fractures, Bi Malleolar Fracture, Tri Malleolar Fracture, Calcaneal Fracture, Talus Fracture, Cuboid Fracture, and Navicular Stress Fracture. We understand the complexities of these injuries and provide tailored care to ensure effective recovery.

Tailored Rehabilitation Strategies for Each Injury

Sprained Ankle:

  • Focus on reducing swelling and pain.
  • Strengthening and balance exercises to restore stability.

Weber Fractures (A, B, C):

  • Specific post-operative rehabilitation based on the type and severity of the fracture.
  • Gradual weight-bearing exercises as healing progresses.

Bi Malleolar and Tri Malleolar Fractures:

  • Emphasis on restoring ankle joint stability and mobility post-surgery.
  • Gait training and proprioception exercises for balance and coordination.

Calcaneal Fracture:

  • Rehabilitation aimed at minimising heel pain and restoring foot mechanics post-surgery.
  • Custom orthotics may be recommended for support and comfort.

Talus Fracture:

  • Focus on regaining range of motion and reducing stiffness in the ankle post surgery.
  • Strengthening exercises to support the ankle joint.

Cuboid and Navicular Fractures:

  • Specific exercises to improve foot strength and flexibility post-surgical intervention.
  • Techniques to retrain gait and distribution of weight across the foot.

Why Choose FAARA for Foot and Ankle Injury Rehabilitation?

FAARA’s commitment to providing exceptional care, combined with our experienced team and modern facilities, ensures a patient-centered approach to rehabilitation. In addition, our rehabilitation approach includes VALD Force Decks assessment – the fastest and most powerful dual plate system for analysing strength and asymmetries. We are dedicated to helping patients recover fully and return to their daily activities with confidence.

Our Comprehensive Rehabilitation Approach

Our approach at FAARA includes:

  • Pain Management: Effective strategies to manage pain and swelling post-injury or surgery.
  • Physical Therapy: Customised exercises to improve strength, flexibility, and range of motion.
  • Gait and Mobility Training: Specific training to ensure safe and efficient walking patterns.
  • Preventive Care: Education on injury prevention and maintaining foot and ankle health.

Collaborative and Patient-Centred Care

We work closely with the patient’s medical team, including surgeons and primary care providers, to ensure a cohesive and comprehensive recovery plan. This collaboration is essential for monitoring progress and adapting the rehabilitation strategy.

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Rehabilitation following foot and ankle acute injuries is crucial for a successful recovery. At FAARA, we are committed to guiding our patients through their recovery journey with comprehensive, personalised care for a range of foot and ankle conditions.

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