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Comprehensive Rehabilitation for Forefoot Conditions

FAARA offers comprehensive rehabilitation programs for patients undergoing various forefoot procedures. Our tailored approach caters to conditions such as Bunion Repair, Cheilectomy, Bunionette Correction, and Clawed Lesser Toe Correction, ensuring a focused and effective recovery process.

Individualised Approach for Each Procedure

Bunion Repair:

  • Emphasis on reducing inflammation and pain post-surgery.
  • Gradual exercises to restore mobility and strength in the big toe.


  • Focus on regaining range of motion in the toe joint.
  • Strengthening exercises to support the foot and improve functionality.

Bunionette Correction:

  • Rehabilitation aimed at minimizing discomfort and restoring the normal alignment of the toe.
  • Balance and gait training to ensure proper weight distribution and walking patterns.

Clawed Lesser Toe Correction:

  • Exercises to improve toe flexibility and strength.
  • Techniques to correct and maintain proper toe alignment.

Our Comprehensive Rehabilitation Process

At FAARA, we begin with a thorough assessment to understand the specific needs and challenges of each patient. Our rehabilitation plan typically includes:

  • Pain and Swelling Management: Utilising various methods to effectively manage postoperative discomfort.
  • Physical Therapy: Tailored exercises focusing on improving strength, flexibility, and range of motion in the foot.
  • Gait Analysis and Training: Special attention to walking mechanics to ensure a balanced and pain-free gait.
  • Footwear Advice: Guidance on appropriate footwear to support the healing process and prevent future issues.

Collaborative and Patient-Centred Care

We maintain close communication with the referring surgeons and healthcare providers to ensure a cohesive and comprehensive treatment plan. This collaboration is vital for tracking progress and adapting the rehabilitation plan as needed.

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Rehabilitation following forefoot procedures is crucial for optimal recovery and long-term foot health. At FAARA, we are committed to guiding our patients through their recovery journey with comprehensive, individualised care for a range of forefoot conditions.

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