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Paul Iacovangelo

Paul is in his 10th year of private practice and has extensive experience in dealing with complex foot and ankle problems, with a long history of working alongside surgeons. 

He completed his undergraduate degree at La Trobe University in Melbourne, where he has since returned as a clinical supervisor and academic facilitator.

He also completed a post-graduate Masters degree from Glasgow Caledonian University, which extended his theoretical knowledge of foot surgery. His research dissertation focused on autogenous soft-tissue graft technique for hallux rigidus (big toe joint osteoarthritis).

Paul has a special interest in the treatment of big toe joint and forefoot pain (ball of the foot), fallen arches and collapsed ankles. He regularly performs ingrown toenail surgery, providing a permanent solution for a re-occurring problem and with a quick return to activity.

Paul is very personable, educating his patients about their condition and the various treatment options available to meet their goals.

He is a member and past Victorian director, of the Australian Podiatry Association and also a member of the Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine.

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