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Foot & Ankle Rehabilitation Australia

We are passionate about feet! We strive to provide you with the best quality health care to maximise the outcome for your problem. We treat every patient with respect and as an individual, analysing each situation and tailoring each patient’s treatment programme. We recognize that it’s just as important for some of our patients to conquer the walk to the corner shop, as it is for others to complete a 3-hour marathon.

Foot and Ankle Rehabilitation Australia has locations across Melbourne and Geelong for your convenience, all with disabled access and convenient patient parking. We look forward to discussing your problem and treatment plan, and to providing you with exceptional quality rehabilitation.

We have extensive knowledge for treatment for:

Foot or Ankle Pain

Calf or Shin Pain

Heel and/or Plantar Fascia Pain

Ankle Instability

Tendon Pathology

Meet The Team

Our Team
Matt Pollard Exercise Physiologist
Matt Pollard

Matthew Pollard is a passionate Exercise Physiologist, focused on empowering people to live healthy and…

Leigh Iacovangelo Foot & Ankle Physiotherapist
Leigh Iacovangelo

Leigh is an experienced physiotherapist whose current responsibilities include the assessment and management of 600+…

Stacey Cherry Foot & Ankle Physiotherapist
Stacey Cherry

Stacey graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) and more recently…

Sathya Sankarasubramanian Foot & Ankle Physiotherapist
Sathya Sankarasubramanian

Sathya is an experienced physiotherapist with special interests in foot and ankle, and strength and…

Grace Foster Exercise Physiologist
Grace Foster

Grace currently has a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science (Hons) and Masters of Clinical…

Shivan Kotecha Foot & Ankle Physiotherapist
Shivan Kotecha

Shiv has a passion for sport, performance, and injury prevention. He combines knowledge gained as…

Leroy McLennan Foot & Ankle Physiotherapist
Leroy McLennan

Leroy is a dedicated and passionate physiotherapist with an insatiable drive for learning. Working with…

Paul Iacovangelo
Paul Iacovangelo

Paul is in his 10th year of private practice and has extensive experience in dealing…

Lachie Toll
Lachie Toll

With a passion for optimizing movement and restoring function, Lachie specialises in foot and ankle…

Maree Ioannou

Maree is a great believer in promoting regular, suitable exercise as a form of pain…

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