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Stuart Imer takes the Aussie foot and ankle approach to Beijing

Our former clinical director, Stuart Imer, was invited by our international partners AT Health in Beijing to present a foot and ankle weekend workshop course. Stuart presented to physiotherapists, sports physicians and sports trainers, who work with the Chinese soccer federation and AT health physiotherapists from the Beijing clinic.

Along with Adam Walters from our Geelong clinic, Stuart spent the weekend delivering an intensive lecture and workshop format to 40 participants covering a broad range of topics. These included a biomechanical review, acute injury assessment of trauma, and ankle and rear foot instability.

Stuart outlined the benefits of conservative management of ankle and foot injuries, along with surgical treatment and post-operative rehabilitation of foot and ankle injury. Prevention strategies, with a focus on return to play for soccer foot and ankle injuries were also covered.


The standard of knowledge and practical expertise was varied but of a relatively high level. This allowed for engagement on a range of complex topics that were mostly limited by difficulties of real time translation.

Thanks to our wonderful translator Doc Li Wei who is the attending physician at Peking University and Secretary of Chinese Assocn of Physical Medicine and Rehab. He translated seven lectures and four practical workshop presentations over the course of the whole weekend.

We’ve made many new friends and contacts in Beijing and look forward to developing further programs with our friends from China over the coming years.

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