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Recovering from Foot and Ankle injury or surgery is a difficult time for our patients. Loss of independence (for instance driving) and challenges to mobility, make this a trying time for the patient, and is also taxing on their family.

We provide treatment that maximizes your independence as early as possible, creating the greatest recovery in the quickest time frame, within the constraints of protecting your healing requirements. We will also discuss strategies to maintain your fitness as best you can, during this time.

Treatment programs have a manual therapy or hands on bias. We don’t use much in the way of electrotherapy for your rehab. We also have a large emphasis on exercise therapy, and will require you to participate in a meaningful way to help your recovery whilst away from the clinic.

This will include specific Foot and Ankle exercises, core conditioning and cardiovascular and weight management exercise when appropriate. The Foot and Ankle creates our contact to the ground, and as such is a weight bearing structure. Loading the muscles, tendons, bones and joints of these areas needs to be carefully controlled to enhance your weight bearing function.

This progresses from walking comfortably without a limp, and when appropriate, on to running, jumping, landing, twisting, accelerating and stopping for athletic activity.

Your treatment is tailored to your particular needs and as such is a collaboration between you and the treatment team. Please try to follow the advice as best you can, as you will ultimately benefit. Initially the most difficult advice to follow is adequate rest, but compliance with the recommendations means you can often be back doing things quicker in the long run. If in doubt, check with your therapist.

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