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CAM Walkers

CAM Walkers are supportive boots used as an alternative to lower limb casts following ligament strains, limb fractures, lower limb surgery and other injuries.



Since these boots are designed to be walked on and can be taken off for showering, they offer advantages over a plaster cast; there is no need for crutches and the adjustable Velcro straps allow for the size of the boot to be adjusted as the swelling around the injury heals, and muscle mass changes.

Additionally, some Cam Walkers have the added function of allowing incremental adjustments for the range of motion they allow the ankle to have. Some boots also incorporate air-liners which can be inflated to further tailor the fit to the patient.

Should you require a CAM Walker to assist in your injury rehabilitation and treatment programme, we have a range of adjustable sizes suitable for you. Your practitioner will assess your condition and fit you with an appropriate CAM Walker as needed, onsite at FAARA. Note that there will be an additional charge for this.

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